Saturday, 11 April 2015

Rajahmundry Bypass Road from Fourth Bridge to Diwancheruvu is almost ready to become operational

The construction of new bypass road from the new road bridge across Godavari to Diwancheruvu is almost completed. A bridge across Airport road is constructed but it needs to be integrated to the road. Also, the slip roads to the Airport road needs to be constructed. Hopefully, these will be completed in a month and the road will be opened before Pushkaras. 

The road and the new bridge across Godavari is going to mitigate the traffic problems of the city by diverting all heavy vehicular traffic directly to NH-16 up to the outskirts  of the city at Diwancheruvu. The road is also going to be an important link between Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad as the current NH-16 highway is long-twisted up to Ravulapalem and the merges again at Eluru. If this road becomes operational, the distance to Hyderabad can be reduced by more than 40km. However, the road from Kovvur to Gundugolunu (Eluru) needs to be developed and expanded to 4 lanes to realize this benefit. Currently that highway is in a very bad condition. The state government should immediately take measures and plead the centre to convert this as national highway before Pushkaras.

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